Dear Parent(s) and Guardian(s), 

As we are approaching inclement weather season, we would like to provide you with the inclement weather procedures provided by CREC Transportation. Betances STEM Magnet School will follow all delay, early dismissal, and cancellation notices announced by Hartford Public Schools.  Information regarding inclement weather notices can be found by watching NBC 30, WFSB, or by calling the Hartford Public Schools Snow Line at 860-695-SNOW (860-695-7669). Below you will find the policy that CREC Transportation utilizes for inclement weather procedures.


            The CREC transportation inclement weather policy must be uniquely different than most school district policies because we serve over 140 schools in 40 towns that span a radius of over fifty miles. Weather may require a school cancellation, late opening, or early dismissal in one district, while it may not be required in another district.

             CREC Transportation will attempt to honor all school districts early dismissal decisions. Situations will arise that will require CREC Transportation to override this decision and cause magnet students to arrive late, be dismissed early, or not attend school when the school has not issued such a change. You must determine school closing, late opening and early dismissals through the media – television, radio, Snow Line, or internet. You must know what the delay is for the town you live in as well as the town in which your student attends school. A student that rides a bus that serves multiple towns must observe the closing of all towns involved. You will follow the district that has the longest delay. The following are different examples assuming the student resides in Manchester and attends school in Hartford:

1.    If Manchester delays school for ninety minutes and Hartford has no delay, your student will be delayed by ninety minutes.

2.    If Manchester has no delay but Hartford has a ninety minute delay, your student will be delayed ninety minutes.

3.    If Manchester has cancelled school and Hartford has a ninety minute delay, your student will not go to school.

4.    If Manchester has a ninety minute delay but Hartford has cancelled school, your students will not go to school.

5.    If Manchester has a two-hour early dismissal and Hartford has a one-hour early dismissal, your student will be dismissed two hours early.

6.    If Manchester has a one-hour early dismissal and Hartford has a two-hour early dismissal, your student will be dismissed two hours early.

Please do not call CREC or the transportation provider to determine late start times, early dismissal times or closures.

You may transport your child to school, if it has been determined that the bus will not run on a particular day and your child’s school is open. You must provide transportation for the return trip, as well, for that day. 

    There is no perfect solution to transporting students in bad weather. Buses run slower to be safe, roads are blocked due to accidents and students must wait in miserable weather. A lot of patience, understanding, and cooperation is needed by everyone to meet these challenging situations.

            If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above policy, please feel free to contact the school at 860-695-2970. Please be patient when calling on inclement weather days, as we receive many phone calls. We will work as quickly as possible to assist you.


Tyrone Richardson