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Mega Education 

Mega Education® is a dynamic, "stay in school", media based, scholastic incentive system "edutaining" Generation Y via it's hip spokesperson, Mega Eddie®; an animated, urban super hero, who personifies life skills, character development and perseverance. Now celebrating it’s 21st year, the program was designed to reward student effort and achievement. Mega Education® strengthens the corporate role in modern day education through positive role model characterization visualized through multi media campaigns.

Energy Efficiencies Solutions (EES)
Congratulations! Your church or school has been chosen to participate in the “Save Energy Save Dinero Program” Sponsored by the award winning Energy Efficiencies Solutions of CT (EES). 

Your Church, School, or Non-profit can raise funds by participating in the Save Energy Save Dinero program.

EES is an award winning company which provides weatherization and energy saving programs FREE to qualified households.  These programs are offered to both renters and homeowners.

For every home that completes an Energy assessment through the HES-IE program EES will give your Church, School, or Non-profit $25.00. That is the fun of Saving Energy and Saving Dinero (Money). Everyone Saves and Everyone earns Dinero for their organization.

Here is how the State Income Eligible Home Energy Solutions program works:

  1. If you meet the income guidelines you will complete an application and mail it to CLP for review.
  2. Once your application is approved by the utility partner CL&P we will call you and schedule your appointment.
  3. When your appointment is completed EES will send you and your church or school $25.00 each.
  4. You can also call our office and schedule an appointment and we can mail you the application forms.

Click the website to see if you quality: 


Just a few of the energy saving services that a renter and/or homeowner can potentially receive are:

  • Installation of weathers stripping and door sweeps
  • Interior caulking around all window and doors
  • Installation of low flow showerheads and aerators
  • Installation of Insulation in attics, sidewall and/or basement ceilings
  • Repair (or replacement) of windows and/or primary doors
  • Cleaning, tuning, testing and repairing of heating systems
  • Replacement of incandescent lighting with fluorescent lighting
  • Blower Door Guided Air sealing (which can save you on your heat bills) and Insulation services (If qualified).

If you can answer YES to any of the qualification questions below, please call us! 

 ü  IF your income is at or below the State Median Income Guidelines per family household member number;  Example - $61,903 for a family of four

 ü  IF you are currently on Energy Assistance (Winter Season 2013-14).        

Energy Efficiencies Solutions, is the number one CT Home Energy Solutions provider. With the support of Northeast Utilities and the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, we are excited to bring these energy-saving services to qualified households across the state.

Energy Efficiencies Solution is the recipient of The National Department of Energy Award for Customer Service and Market Leadership. We can help you save energy and money, all while protecting the environment for future generations.   We are here to help. Contact us at:

Energy Efficiencies Solutions of CT

Hartford, CT 06120

(860) 580-9076

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

EES hosts programs at our school that promote energy conservation.  They conduct an interactive assembly with our students detailing forms of energy, how we use it in our homes, and how we can save energy in our environment.  Students receive a book at the end of the program.  

 Click here to see a video of a recent program conducted at Betances STEM 

Check out the pictures from the 2014 Save Energy Save Dinero Youth Summitt by following the link below 

EES also donates $50 to our school for every B STEM family that participates in their home energy audit program or referral that is made from B STEM.  Those funds are used for incentives and activities that our students participate in.