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Mrs. Delisle - Engineering Teacher 


At BSTEM we use a program called Engineering is Elementary in grades 4-6. It can be viewed on line at  The program was created by scientists out of the museum of Science in Boston with the hopes of making fundamental engineering concepts attainable for elementary school students.  The program has a specific format for each unit.  Each unit begins with a fictional story to introduce the students to the field of engineering that will be the unit’s focus.  Students are provided with background science content throughout the story, that will support their development of the engineering concepts presented throughout the lesson.  Students then move through the stages of the Engineering Design Process, learning simple, fundamental engineering principals.  Each unit ends with an engineering design challenge where students rely on their new understandings, learned throughout the unit, to complete a final challenge.


Topics covered are:

4th grade

Geotechnical Engineering (designing a TarPul)

Transportation Engineering (designing a Maglev Train)

Electrical Engineering (designing an alarm circuit)


5th grade

Acoustical Engineering (designing a sound representation system)

Optical Engineering (designing a lighting system inside a model Egyptian tomb)

Aerospace Engineering (designing a parachute)


6th grade

Environmental Engineering (designing a process for cleaning an oil spill)

Industrial Engineering (designing a simple machine subsystem for factory use)

Biomedical Engineering (designing a knee brace)


Our 7th grade program breaks away from the Engineering is Elementary curriculum.  It is going to be custom designed for the unique opportunity our students have being exposed to engineering once a week for the full school year.  Many schools only offer engineering as an after school program for some students.  Here at BSTEM we have engineering as a required class for all students.  The program is being done in collaboration with a corporate partnership.  The program is still in the design phase, but will include units in Advanced Manufacturing (and robotics ie. LEGO Mindstorm), Aerospace engineering, and Renewable Energy systems and sustainability. 


Working with a local corporation like the I-84 Project Hartford will hopefully open up the possibility for our students to see engineering in our community through specific, purposeful, fieldtrips to engineering plants throughout the state as it relates to the unit. 


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"I am also in talks with FIRST LEGO League in hopes of getting an enrichment group together for next year.  The program is designed to take on ten students for a half year program to inspire STEM concepts in students.  I will have one group from Sept – December and the second group from January – May.  It will span all grade levels with the most students from the older grades.  It will be by application/teacher recommendation." -Mrs. Delisle