Students assist in keeping our learning environment safe at all times.  Members of the student body apply to become one of our safety patrol members.  Once "hired" our students go into action ensuring that a safe climate is maintained throughout the building.  

STEM Tickets
Students are awarded STEM Tickets for demonstrating the PBIS Virtues in addition to demonstrating outstanding academics.  These tickets can be turned in monthly at our Student of the Month Raffle for a chance to win amazing prizes.  

Betances Bucks
For Students who truly exemplify the PBIS Virtues, Betances Bucks are awarded.  These Bucks can be used at the School Store to purchase school supplies.   

Cafeteria Challenge
Students are rewarded weekly for demonstrating PBIS Virtues during lunch.  This is a competition format where each lunch wave competes against each other to best exemplify the PBIS Virtues.Clip Chart

Classroom Clip Charts
Each classroom teacher has a clip chard displayed in their room with behavior reminders for students.  Each day is a new beginning where students have the opportunity to shine.  In this system, students are also given the opportunity to adjust and reflect on their behavior as needed. 

Student of the Month Assembly
Each month the students assemble to recognize and honor the students who have demonstrated the PBIS Virtues.  The Student of the Month Assembly is an opportunity to celebrate the individual accomplishments of each student while promoting a safe school climate.  Students take pride in being recognized, but also get excited to recognize their peers for outstanding efforts in contributing to our school climate.  

School Store
The school store is managed before school hours by our PBIS coordinator, Ms. Damaris Cabrera.  With the help of Safety Patrol volunteers, students who have earned Betances Bucks may shop at the school store for school supplies and other popular school accessories.  

Second Step
Each Monday morning is set aside for explicit social skills instruction.  Teachers and students engage in songs, games, and role-playing activities that teach empathy, emotion-management, and problem-solving skills.  

Encouraging Words
Encouraging Words allows kids to recognize kids for their acts of kindness.  It allows students to brighten another students day by sharing kind words.  Students are given the opportunity to say "thank you for...", "I really appreciated when...", "I noticed ____", "____ has been working really hard at _____".  Teachers share these words with the whole class to recognize each student.  

Monthly Incentives
Our PBIS Coordinator has also planned monthly incentives/celebrations for each grade level.  This celebration is to honor all students who work to maintain a positive school climate.  Celebrations include a Pajama Party, Holiday Party, Movie Afternoons, School Dances, etc.  These monthly celebrations are just another way to encourage students to do their best.  

Classroom Jobs
Each classroom teacher has developed a rotating job system in their classroom.  This gives students specialized ownership of responsibility to the daily flow and function of the classroom.  Classroom jobs in the school include "Classroom Director", "Classroom Ninja", and other exciting responsibilities for kids.  When students feel that they are important and have a sense of belonging, the classroom environment thrives.  

Family Fun Night
Students can bring their families to school to celebrate in academically themed Family Fun Nights.  This not only promotes academic learning and exploration, but again gives students a sense of pride in their school.  It opens up education to the network of the family, which further engages children in learning.